Spine Surgery

Expediting Recovery

The ABOS board-certified COSJS spinal surgeons perform same- day, outpatient spinal procedures that include:

Minimally-invasive decompressions


Microscopic decompressions and discectomies

Minimally-invasive cervical and Lumbar fusion procedures

Motion-preservation surgery

Artificial disc replacement for cervical and lumbar discs using advanced techniques and technology like:

Patient indicating back pain to doctor
All spinal surgeries at COSJS utilize our state-of-the-art microscopic access tools, allowing for minimal incision size and a quicker recovery from surgery. Expediting recovery so our patients don’t need a hospital stay helps avoid many of the risks associated with hospitals.

We are the only outpatient surgery center in the Pacific Northwest that specializes in joint and spine surgery. So, another of the unique services we offer is overnight, 23-hour observation for patients who are not same-day candidates. Thanks to our specialized focus and much lower patient volume than a hospital, whether you go home the day of surgery or the next day, our expert staff will ensure your stay is comfortable and focused on your needs.

Spine Surgeons

Preparing For Surgery

The more you know, the better prepared you are to participate in your recovery. So, part of our unique approach to spinal surgery includes providing you with everything you need to know to help you achieve the best surgery experience and fastest recovery possible.

Day Of Surgery

Our concierge service guarantees that your experience at The Proliance Center for Outpatient Spine and Joint Surgery will be a pleasant from arrival to departure. Our staff is specifically trained on the needs of joint and spine surgery patients, and ourstaff-to-patient ratio is much higher than what is typical in a hospital setting to ensure we are available at all times to meet your needs.

Upon arrival at the surgery center, you will be greeted at the front desk and complete the check-in process for surgery. Your insurance information will be verified, and any patient responsibility payment required by your insurance company plan will be collected if it has not already been paid.

Next, you will be brought back to the pre-surgical area where you will meet the pre-surgery nurse who will help you get ready for surgery. You will change into a surgical gown; your clothing will be stored, and you will have the necessary IV’s placed for use during your surgery.

Before your scheduled surgery time, you will meet your surgeon again, who will “sign the site” of your surgery and answer any remaining questions. You will also meet the anesthesiologist who will review with you the anesthetic plan for your surgery and discuss any additional anesthesia procedures (regional blocks or pain medicine catheters, etc.) that your surgeon may have requested for your comfort. These procedures may be performed before you enter the operating room. Finally, you will meet the operating room circulating nurse who will confirm your identity and the surgery to be performed. You will then be taken to the operating room.

Once in the operating room, your general anesthesia will be administered, and you will be positioned accordingly for your surgery. At the completion of your surgery, you will be awoken from the anesthesia and taken to the Recovery Room where you will have your own post-operative nurse monitoring your recovery and transition to home.

During this time, you will be instructed as needed in mobility after surgery and prepared for discharge to home when you are ready. Although most of our patients are able to go home on the day of their surgery, we are one of only a few centers in the Pacific Northwest offering 23-hour observation. So, if your doctor has decided that you need an overnight stay, you will be moved to one of the overnight suites for the remainder of your stay. Our private rooms also provide convenient meal service from a wide selection of local restaurants. No “hospital food” here!

All our staff are passionate about doing everything they can to get you back “in the game” as quickly as possible.

After Your Surgery

After your surgery both your care team and your surgeon will be in regular contact to ensure the fastest and best recovery possible and to answer any questions you may have. Your care team is available to you 24/7. During business hours they can be reached via your surgeon’s clinic, and after hours through our answering service/paging operator.

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