The ABOS board-certified COSJS spinal surgeons perform same-day, outpatient spinal procedures that include minimally-invasive decompressions, discectomies, microscopic decompressions and discectomies, artificial disc replacement for cervical and lumbar discs, minimally-invasive cervical and lumbar fusion procedures and motion-preservation surgery.

Surgical procedures performed at COSJS have included:

Patients typically go home the same day of their procedure and recover in the comfort of their home. As needed, patients will recover overnight at COSJS in our residential suites and go home the next morning.

All spine cases at COSJS involve microscopic access, allowing for minimal incision size and a quicker recovery from surgery.

With insurance authorization, COSJS anticipates becoming the first outpatient center in the Pacific NW to offer the Prodisc-L artificial lumbar disc replacement.

Spine Surgeons